Packaging, fOOD SAFETY AND Delivery

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We deliver throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria on Fridays.  Collections can be made on a Thursday between 9am-4pm at Shop no.23 Eco Boulevard Shopping Center, Eco Park, Centurion.

If there are any problems on your delivery day you may contact our delivery company on 082 415 3743.


Our food preparation safety measures have always been exceptional.  Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic we have put even more systems in place. Some of these additional measures are; sanitising counters hourly, all deliveries are sanitised before being taken into the premises, staff sanitise and change clothing and face-masks on arrival at work.  At the end of the day all equipment, counters and floors are cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant


Our containers are all recyclable

Our meals are packed in foil containers with either foil or white card lids. It is the most durable material for frozen meals as the meals can be packed on top of each other without squashing the contents. Foil  can be reheated in either a convection or microwave oven and even on a stove top without having to decant it into another container.

All meals are frozen when delivered. If the order cannot be placed in a freezer immediately we recommend you have a cooler box available.  Alternatively, if you require a Styrofoam box please add it to your order.

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